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01 November 2015
World Radio Communication Conference 2015

The WRC addressed more than 40 agenda items on the efficient use of spectrum and orbital resources.

Key outcomes for Qatar included approval of provisions associated with FSS uplink allocations on frequency band 14.5-14.75 GHZ, which was a big success for Qatar, who had been supporting this agenda item and working throughout the four weeks to reach this delicate compromise. 

In addition, broad protection was given to the C-band frequencies currently reserved for satellite communications and increased access to 3.4-3.6 gigahertz, strongly supported by governments in all regions for the global harmonization of C-band to meet capacity requirements in urban areas.

Qatar signing the treaty on “Revised Radio Regulations” which will help to ensure high quality radio communications for satellite and mobile communications, maritime and aeronautical communications as well as for scientific purposes related to the environment, meteorology and climatology.